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Helping homeless men take action against depression and anxiety.

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Tune In Now is a guide for homelessness workers to ‘have the conversation’ about depression and anxiety with men experiencing homelessness. Loaded with practical information, handy tips and helpful videos, it’s an easy way to learn about breaking barriers, taking action and seeking support. Browse the modules in order, at your own pace, or go straight to your topic of interest.


On a daily basis I’m interacting with guys suffering from anxiety and depression, and I’m often at a loss to know what to say to them.


A good worker is someone who is going to listen to what the person is saying.


Helping men with depression and anxiety can be challenging, so this toolkit is designed to make it easier. Here, you’ll learn about common signs and symptoms, effective self-screening tools, conversation starters, action plans and much more. If you’re a homelessness case worker or support worker, we suggest you Tune In Now.

Funded by beyondblue with thanks to funding from the Australian Government’s Taking Action to Tackle Suicide Initiative.